About Me

Hi, I am Matěj Kvasnička. I believe that exploring all creative fields and understanding the evolution of products helped me to find my visual approach and see design as a process with all its aspects.

Economia 1. 1. 2017 - 30. 3. 2021


Here will be story about my 4 years in my dream.

Till then. You can see who I am. Design, draw and ride!


The Nordic.design conference was my first. Since then, I’ve visited UBN in Belgium or OFFF in Barcelona and Vienna. I think it’s a great way to learn and meet new people who share my interests.


Bikepacking is my way to clean my mind.


I don't have enough walls at home for my illustrations.

Feel free to call me, or text me.

email: studiorine@gmail.com
phone: +420 737 004 928

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